Friday, July 11, 2014

Environmental Things to Consider

Things that support a healthy life style: Environment, Nutrition and Mental Well being. In this blog, we will share information on these topics.

To start, we will list things that deal with Environment. Initiate one thing at a time and eventually, you will have created a supportive environment.
In 1980, there were about 20,000 man made chemicals that we come in contact with and no one has done any research on what their interaction creates. A good majority of those chemicals interact negatively with the immune system. Now in 2014, there are close to 70,000 man made chemicals!!!

Please read this article:

We need to remove as much of these from your environment, things to consider:

1. Wear natural fiber clothes: cotton, silk and rayon is ok. This allows your skin to breath  and  do it's job: release toxins through your skin.

2. Dr. Mercola has some good air purifiers. Carpets, fabrics strayed with chemicals, wood, paints etc release toxins into the air. If you have some house plants in your home that is also helpful.

3. Water Purification Systems: Reverse Osmosis are good and there are some that put the minerals back in the water, which I recommend. 

4. Here are the products I use in my home:

Laundry Detergent: Soap Nuts, liquid
Soap Nuts Laundry Soap

Hair Shampoo: Soap Nuts: Liquid
Soap Nuts Shampoo

Dr. Bonner's Magic Soaps

5. I do not use a cell phone, they emit EMF's. I have a fast cable access and get my phone and internet service through them.
Here are some articles on EMF's

6. All electrical outlets emit EMF's and I use Tachyon's on all outlets and cords.

I have a 4 inch Tachyonized Silica Disks behind each moniter and one on my circuit breakers
and on each electrical cord: refrig, air purifier, lamp etc.  has a Tachyonized Cube. To save money, all the cords from my computer go to back up battery, so I just have one Tachyonized Cube for all the cords coming from my computer.

7. If you wear make up, consider organic cosmetics and skin care:

8.  Articles on toxic chemicals in your home:
How to clean your home naturally: chemical free:

To get started on foods: 

Watch this move: Genetic Roulette or it is called Seeds of Death, if you haven't seen it yet. It will explain, why we should not eat GMO's:

In future posts, we will start to cover foods etc.